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YEF Philippines Makes Plan During 40-Days of Lent

Mar 07, 2019 02:30 AM PST

Starting the Lent period with Ash Wednesday, the minister of YEF Philippines made plans for 40-days of Lent to bring revival of youth ministry.

The minister was encouraged to put into action what she have learned from Hong Kong training the importance of making plans and schedule to have goal and to reach them.

As the plans for this 40-days it is to intensify evangelism and more Bible students, she scheduled to visit and evangelize more campuses and have a goal of 5 students. The minister is now having 2 Bible students one is every Wednesday and the other is every Thursday.

It is with a great hope that as they perceive and burning heart to save the lost souls, many youths will come to know God through His Word in this Lent.